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Robust CPI Data Strengthens Australian Dollar, According to ING Analysts
Robust CPI Data Strengthens Australian Dollar, According to ING Analysts
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BofA Predicts Limited Growth for USD/CAD Given Anticipated BoC Rate Cuts

BofA Predicts Limited Growth for USD/CAD Given BoC Rate Cut Expectations

BofA Predicts Limited Growth for USD/CAD Given BoC Rate Cut Expectations

USD/CAD Exchange Rate: Potential Limit to Growth Amid Canadian Dollar Weakness, Says Bank of America Analysts

Recent analysis from Bank of America (BofA) suggests that the U.S. dollar (USD) might soon reach its peak in value against the Canadian dollar (CAD), despite the CAD’s current downtrend primarily driven by a strong USD rally. The USD/CAD currency pair has experienced significant growth, influenced by rising global yields led by the U.S. and an increasing interest rate differential that favors the USD.

In April, the CAD depreciated roughly 1% against a trade-weighted index (TWI), and only 0.7% when the USD’s influence is removed. This trend indicates that the CAD’s fall is more closely linked to the overarching strength of the USD rather than internal factors within Canada.

BofA’s team has raised concerns about potential inflationary pressures and balance of payment (BoP) problems for Canada due to the CAD’s ongoing weakness. They predict that the Bank of Canada (BoC) may start reducing interest rates this summer, in contrast to the U.S. Federal Reserve, which is expected to make its first rate cut towards the end of the year.

Such policy divergence may shift investor sentiment, although BofA analysts believe that there is a cap to how much the USD/CAD rate can climb. They estimate that each significant increase in the USD/CAD exchange rate could potentially raise Canada’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) by an additional 15 basis points. A surge to 1.45 in the exchange rate could result in a 1% increase in the CPI of Canada.

BofA expects the BoC to accept some short-term CAD weakness as it begins its cycle of interest rate cuts. Nonetheless, they warn that excessive weakening of the CAD due to BoC’s policies could escalate inflation concerns and lead to structural portfolio outflows from Canada.

The analysts also noted that while these risks are prevalent, compared to other major developed nations’ currencies, the CAD remains relatively strong, thus less attractive for investors with a bullish outlook on the USD. They added that while the possibility of foreign exchange intervention by the BoC is currently low, the central bank does have a history of taking such actions, including recent operations in the repo market.

Investors tracking the USD/CAD pair should also consider broader market dynamics, such as the impact of currency fluctuations on companies like Dixie Group Inc (DXYN). Although not directly linked to currency movements, DXYN provides insights into market volatility and valuation issues pertinent to the currency’s effect on business operations.


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